Marine Construction

Building beyond the water level.

Construction doesn’t end where the waterline begins. We build and repair piers, docks, floats, ramps, seawalls, dam gates, the list goes on.

Underwater Construction

For more than a dozen years, Fields has partnered with construction companies throughout the Midcoast region to complete projects extending above and below the water.

Our services are myriad. Pier, float and dock repair and installation. Ramps, rail systems and dam gate construction and maintenance. We regularly collaborate with crane operators and other marine construction outfits to restore and enhance a variety of vital marine structures.

We are licensed and insured welders and possess and arsenal of specialized tools and gear to complete your marine construction securing the future of Maine’s shoreline as water levels rise.




Gate Replacement





Dam Repair & Gate Replacement

Dams and fish gates are an essential part of Maine’s waterways. With our specialized expertise in underwater construction and state-of-the-art welding and diving equipment, we inspect and repair a variety of dams and gates.

We work closely with engineering teams and environmental agencies to ensure that all repair activities comply with regulatory requirements and environmental standards.

Waterfront Construction

Our skilled divers collaborate closely with clients to understand their specific needs and deliver custom solutions guaranteed to withstand challenging ocean conditions.

Our decades of experience means we know how to pre-plan and execute each construction phase while possessing a deep understanding of the local regulations and environmental considerations unique to the marine environment.

Regardless if the task is underwater welding, pile driving, or concrete placement, we strive to balance our construction efforts with preserving the natural beauty of Penobscot Bay.

At Fields Dive Service, we are dedicated to creating exceptional waterfront structures that stand the test of time even in the challenging conditions of a rugged, marine environment.

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