About Us

Owner Dallas Fields, and his stellar crew of certified commercial divers, live and work in Midcoast Maine. We know these waters like no one else.


In 2001, Dallas Fields began as a mooring inspector working for Rockport Marine. In 2005, Fields purchased that mooring business, acquiring his first 180 customers, many of whom are still with him over 20 years later. In 2006, Fields extended the operation to include Rockland and Camden harbors. Today, the mooring business serves over 600 loyal customers.

But that was only the beginning.

In 2007, Fields expanded his operation to float and dock service, providing clients with reliable access to their own piece of Maine’s beautiful shoreline–whether lakefront or saltwater.

In 2009, Fields took the business one step further. He invested in specialized gear to launch a badly needed, year-round, marine salvage industry for the Midcoast community. This is also the year Fields added videography services in order to provide visual records of every project and to create greater clarity around estimates and recommendations for our expanding rolodex of clients.

In 2011, the Fields team expanded into underwater construction, bringing the company to our current suite of competencies and further solidifying our reputation as a versatile and reliable provider of underwater construction and commercial diving services.

Fields remains dedicated to staying one step ahead of Midcoast Maine’s ever-evolving commercial diving needs. If it’s underwater, we fix it. Give us a call.