About Us/History

By listening to what the customer wants, Fields Dive Service has doubled the number of customers we service in 5 years. In addition, we pride ourselves in providing a quality/timely service, giving you the peace of mind that your property will be safe and secure.

Our goal at Fields Dive is to continue to add Rockland/Owls Head customers. We now service over 650 moorings and 25 floats in Midcoast Maine, serving all of Camden, Rockport, Owls Head and Rockland.

Fields Dive Service Facts

  • 2001-2004 Started diving to inspect moorings while employed by Rockport Marine
  • 2005 Bought mooring business with 180 Rockport customers from Rockport Marine
  • 2006 Finished new barge
  • 2006 Entered Rockland/Camden harbors
  • 2007 Added float and dock services
  • 2009 Added underwater photo/video services
  • 2009 Added lift bags/compressor for salvage operations
  • 2010 Added lift bags and ice diving equipment to recover snowmobiles lost under the ice
  • 2011 Added hydraulic drill, hammer drill, chainsaw, impact wrench for underwater construction